Green Cham Island for One-Day Helicopter Tour By Viet Green Travel

The Helicopter Airbus EC130-T2 within 5 seats will depart from Nuoc Man Heliport of Da Nang City and brings its passengers to Cham Islands. Here, you find numerous sand beaches, transparent sea, and forested hills. The famous island is best for swimming as well as scuba diving, so, you can greatly admire the blue seascape from the top view. In the clear day, you even see the coral reef beneath the water, so tour to Cham Islands by helicopter is surely the best choice today.

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    Green Cham Island for One-Day Helicopter Tour 

    By Viet Green Travel


    An Idea about Cham Islands

    Cham Islands (called Cu Lao Cham in Vietnamese) are the hot spots that gain fame for the comfortable climate, white sandy beaches, crystalline seawater, and rich protected marine habitats. Belonging to Quang Nam Province, the Cham Islands are a part of Cu Lao Cham Marine Park; it is the world Biosphere Reserve admitted by UNESCO. The islands themselves are also the national scenic site of Vietnam. The Cham groups include the 8 different islands: Hon Lao, Hon Dai, Hon Mo, Hon Kho, Hon La, Hon Tai, Hon Ong, and Hon Cu that surely look awesome from the top dimension.

    The Cham Islands were historically first settled by Cham people around 3,000 years ago. Lots of architectural monuments are well-preserved in the beautiful islands. For instance, the Than Yen Sao Shrine was constructed in 1834 and Hai Tang Pagoda was built in 1753. The whole islands win the interest of many archaeologists, tourists, and adventurers. The aquatic resources here are rich with the big hectares of coral reef and seaweeds. Also, the bird’s nest soup here is highly refined. 

    Happy Helicopter Tour Just to Cham Islands

    The one-day Helicopter Tour on Helicopter Airbus EC130-T2 will take you to the beautiful Cham Islands, the full-filled getaway for a happy day tour. Just flying to reach the islands in the fast and comfortable way! Instead of riding the speedboat, you now can treasure the time and budget thanks to the Helicopter Trip. The beaches and temples here look highly eye-catching via its top-dimension radiance.

    When you land in the exquisite islands of Quang Nam Province, you get many opportunities to enjoy snorkeling as well as diving. The summer months of June – August offer the best conditions for you all to be immersed in the calm sea. Get relaxed on the beaches and explore the island’s strengths so that you can stay away from daily life bustle and hustle. The best attractions to see in Cham Islands are the beaches. Meanwhile, the forests and villages here offer the excellent zones for hiking.

    Via Helicopter Tour to Cham Islands, you witness the mountainous scenes filled with the rocky fresh water streams and the wild forests. The highest notch of the islands is at 517m while other tops of the islands are lower with the varying elevation from 70 to 200m above the sea level.

    Want to stay close to nature entirely? The panoramic Cham Islands fulfill your want. While Hon Lao and Hon Dai offer the interesting rock substances, the other sites are predominantly granite. Be the free birds flying to Cham Islands, and then turn to be the free fish to dive independently!



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