Unique guide for helicopter tour to Mai Chau Green Land

You are busy, but have successfully managed to begin a tour of a lifetime? If so, let us draw your attention to the excellent, modern Vietnam tour specialized for the busy and prestigious tourist. That is the Helicopter Tour run by the Airbus EC130-T2 (5 seats). What could be more memorable than being the free birds flying to the green land of Mai Chau from Hanoi? Yes, you now can obtain the bird-eye view of the superior nature beneath via the open door of the fashionable helicopter.

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    The Airbus will depart from Gia Lam heliport, and within 45 minutes later, it lands in Mai Chau stadium. Instead of driving around 3 hours (160 km from Hanoi) to reach the green land of Mai Chau, Hoa Binh Province, the high-budget tourists today can eagerly travel as the free little bird.

    An Inspiring Introduction to Mai Chau by Viet Green Helicopter

    Mai Chau is set in Hoa Binh Province that gains fame as the beautiful mountainous district. Nature here is the big magnet attracting many travelers and adventurers. People agree that the rustic beauty of Mai Chau lies on its villages, stilt houses, valley, green rice fields, and friendly hill tribe people. 

    Everything in the mountainous district seems to fit to each other to create the harmonious background for the most preferable photos ever. Of course, the scene looks breathtaking and picturesque from the top dimension. The stilt houses or pile dwellings here are made of bamboo and timber. Also, they are 10-12 feet off the ground that helps the hill tribe people avoid the flood and create shelter for the small animals. 

    What to Expect from the 45-Minute Helicopter Tour to Mai Chau?

    Along the flying route from Gia Lam Heliport to Mai Chau Stadium, the passengers receive hundreds of opportunities to sightsee and photograph. The 45-minute fly seems to suit the taste of the “fastidious tourists” who find traveling on foot or any other means boring so far.

    And now, they love the top view of the hill tribe constructions and green nature beneath. That is fantastic and seamless indeed. None and nothing interrupt your views, and you can surely spread the eyes as far as you can. View towards the far-off village, mountain, and house so that you can put stress behind the back and let the past go without remorse.

    Once landing, enjoy the trekking experience in Mai Chau, just head to the stilt houses, and savor the local food. The Thai traditional dance is worth your time indeed. So, join in the joyful ambiance, treat your eyes kindly with the spectacular green nature, and fulfill your stomach with the local specialties.

    More fantastically, if you visit Mai Chau site in the spring time, the scene is beautified greatly with the pink and purple peach blossom. It sounds like you will step into the paradise of flower and purity.

    The 45-minute Helicopter Tour to Mai Chau operated by Viet Green Helicopter, gives you the absolute opportunities to fly around such paradise freely, comfortably, and safely. This fashionable type of tour is seamless, and you have hundreds of good reasons to experience it at least once from now on. Proceed to Mai Chau via the helicopter to see what the green land can offer you in the best manner ever!

    You want to charter the helicopter from Ha Noi to Mai Chau? 


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    Tổ 4, Thị trấn Mù Cang Chải, Yên Bái
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