Useful Tips for Helicopter Tour To Hue Imperial City By VietNam Helicopter Travel

The longing ancient atmosphere of Hue has won the interest of many tourists consistently. People visit Hue as they hear its absolute fame about the UNESCO World Heritage Site regarding Hue Imperial City, the local smiles, and romantic Perfume River. The remnant of the Vietnamese feudal period (18th-19th century) is well- preserved in Hue that makes it praiseworthy for the lifelong helicopter traveling memory.

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    A Small Talk about Hue Imperial City By Helicopter tour

    On the UNESCO status, the Imperial City of Hue is most famous for its Citadel built in 1804 and finished in 1933 under the reign of Minh Mang Emperor. In the past, the interior parts of the Citadel were only for the emperors and concubines. Therefore, the site is now highly inspiring to both domestic and foreign visitors. As the wonderful historic site in Vietnam, the Forbidden City has been reconstructed for the tourism purposes while little of the former design remains. In the Citadel, there stand a lot of relics of the Nguyen Emperors. Know that the Citadel has four gates in the four directions, and the main gate is Noon Gate set in the south!

    Also with the admirable citadel, Hue Imperial City is worth sightseeing with its gifted Perfume River, the romantic site where many people enjoy the boat trips. Along the River are the monuments of royal tombs: Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb, and Tu Duc Tomb. Also, the riverside is full of significant pagodas, French colonial-era buildings, and schools. What’s more, the fame of Hue is made up by the presence of Thien Mu Pagoda, Phuoc Duyen Town, Khai Dinh Mausoleum, Dong Ba Market and Lang Co Beach.

    How Compatible Hue Imperial City Is For A Helicopter Tour?

    What could be more exciting than contemplating the ancient Citadel of Hue from the top dimension? On the Helicopter Airbus EC130-T2 with 5 seats, the passengers can amazingly enjoy the beauty of Hue as the free little birds. The sightseeing above the historical structures, romantic river, significant pagoda, lively market, etc., is awesome, and you should always experience it in a lifetime.

    Begin from Da Nang city, the Airbus EC130-T2 will straightforwardly bring you to Hue and its surrounding essentials. Just fly to the UNESCO Cultural And Historical Heritage, and you will fully understand why the world admits its seamless charm and value. The first time to have the bird-eye view above the Perfume River, the Citadel, Thien Mu Pagoda, Dong Ba Market, and Khai Dinh Mausoleum, your eyes and minds will be energized.

    And if you can luckily hear the sound of Thien Mu Bell, your spirituality is fostered in the healthy manner. Such the meaningful sound even resonates with the local’s soul. All Hue people love it, and you will soon follow the route. Particularly, the seven-storied Phuoc Duyen Tower is greatly visible from the top view while the Dong Ba Market eases your eyes with the extraordinary local trades of fish, boats, and people.

    The 1-day Hue Ancient Capital Helicopter Tour from Da Nang directly brings you from the newly developed city of Da Nang to the longing historical capital of Hue at the fast yet comfortable manner. So, experience it early on!



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